March 2014
WPA Zone 1 (Canada)

The Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) held a successful annual meeting in Ottawa on September 26-28, 2013, attended by over 1,100 Canadian and international psychiatrists.

Highlights included sessions on advocacy, stigma, the use of simulation in teaching, managing the disruptive physician, recent trends in the care of patients with serious mental illness, coercion, recovery and the community, and laws relating to persons found not criminally responsible.

The new Chief Executive Officer of the CPA, Glenn Brimacombe, who comes from a 12 year background as CEO of the Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations and a decade at the Canadian Medical Association, stated his goal of making a meaningful contribution to advance the views and perspectives of psychiatry to ensure ready access to quality mental health services to all Canadians.

The CPA has recently approved and published a Position Paper on Intimate Partner Violence authored by Drs. Donna Stewart, Harriet MacMillan and Nadine Wathen which looks at the epidemiology, risk factors, general population, health impacts (especially mental health), identification, assessment, documentation, management, treatment, prognosis, prevention, education, research and recommendations for best practice. This document will be helpful in facilitating the WPA work plan for the next triennium which includes domestic violence.

The CPA has organized Continuing Professional Development 1-day conferences for psychiatrists under the leadership of Dr. Susan Abbey on a variety of mental health issues which will be held in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto in November. This will provide current education on dementia, therapeutic alliance, mindfulness, cognitive symptoms of depression, improving care for mood disorder and circadian rhythms in bipolar disorder by leading experts on mental health.

Overall, the CPA has had an extremely productive and successful year.

Donna E. Stewart
WPA Zonal Representative for Zone 1

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