March 2014

At the last meeting of the WPA Executive Committee, held in September 2013 in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, it was decided to update the WPA educational programs published on the website, especially the one on schizophrenia. The WPA Secretary for Education, Prof. Edgard Belfort, has appointed the Chair of the WPA Schizophrenia Section, Prof. Wolfgang Gaebel, to organize together a Review Committee on Schizophrenia program update.

Accordingly, to update the existing Powerpoint and corresponding text set a revision with the following modules and chapters has been proposed:

Module Chapter Title
1. History of the concept of Schizophrenia Current Definitions and Criteria (ICD, DSM)
Differential Diagnosis

Laboratory Workup
Psychosocial Evaluation
Cross-Cultural Issues

2. Pathophysiological Mechanisms

Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience
Nongenetic Factors (obstetrical factors, virus infections, malnutrition)

3. Treatment: Somatic Therapies (Antipsychotics)
Psychosocial Therapies

Early Detection and Prevention Schizophrenia Mental Healthcare in Low-and Middle Income Countries, Schizophrenia Primary Care Rehabilitation
Somatic comorbidity

It is planned to involve the members of the Schizophrenia Section in the review process assigning them the revision of the different modules and chapters.

The revised program shall be presented on the occasion of the WPA World Congress in Madrid, 14-18 September 2014.

Wolfgang Gaebel
Chair, WPA Section on

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