Latest Activity of the WPA Eastern European Zone: Russian Translation of World Psychiatry


There are more than 10.000 psychiatrists working in countries covered by the WPA Eastern European Zone. In most of them Russian is still the working language and yet many are deprived the capacity of using professional literature in English.  


To overcome this challenge, the Russian translation of the official scientific journal of WPA, “World Psychiatry” (WP), was part of the Zone 10 Action Plan. WP June 2008 issue was translated by using the budget of the Zone Representative. The October 2008 issue was translated voluntarily, by International Working Group with the following members: Khachatur Gaspayan, Anna Galstyan (Armenia); Saya Nurmagambetova (Kazakhstan); Natalia Maruta (Ukraine); Mihai Hotineanu, Nikolai Ostrovschi (Moldova). All members are stressing the importance of this initiative in creating a common ground for the development of psychiatry in this region of the world.


Translation of the two above mentioned issues was very much welcomed by the professionals in the mental health field, thus this general demand set the basis for the supportive will stated during the WPA Board Meeting in June 2009 to confirm the budget of 5000 USD per year for the continuation of this already ongoing initiative. This development is a guarantee for sustainability and quality assurance for Russian electronic version of “World Psychiatry”. Consequently, we could consider that the initial stage of Russian version of WP Journal is successfully completed. Let us conclude by emphasizing the lessons learned from this initial stage: (i) to start any activity there is a great need to have powerful ideas; (ii) to find a person, who is able to advocate for this idea and get together adherent supporters; (iii) our experience indicate once more that useful work sooner or later is beeing valued.


Any comments and recommendations are welcomed to be send to Armen Soghoyan ( and Khachatur Gasparyan  (


Armen Soghoyan
WPA Zone Representative for Eastern Europe




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