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South Asian Forum International donation for IDPs in Sri Lanka & Pakistan


South Asian Forum International donates 1.300 Pounds for IDPs in Sri Lanka & Pakistan at a session organised at International Seminar on Psychiatry held at UK.


Midlands Psychiatric Research Group organised its 10th International Meeting on Psychiatry on 3-4 July at Birmingham, UK. This was attended by more than 150 psychiatrists from UK along with a number of psychiatrists from Pakistan and India.


In addition to many scientific sessions, a special session was organised to discuss the projects being undertaken in India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka. The session was jointly held under the platform of WPA Section on Psychiatry in Developing Countries, South Asian Forum International (SAF I), World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (WAPR) & Asian Federation of Psychiatric associations (AFPA) & was chaired by Dr Asaf Khan.


Dr Mital from India gave a detailed account of the SAF projects and described the training programmes organised through WPA zone 15, WPA Section on Psychiatry in Developing Countries & AFPA. A special mention was made about a course on Child Psychiatry being held in Mumbai in the last week of July where delegates from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia, Mongolia, Indonesia and Bangladesh were participating.

group picture of some members attending meeting
Some of the psychiatrists from Pakistan and India attending the South Asian Forum International.


Prof Rizwan Taj, President Elect of the Pakistan Psychiatric Society gave an account of the mental health projects & mental health policy details that are being undertaken in Pakistan. Prof Khalid Mufti gave an outline of the work being organised for IDPs from Swat valley. This presentation was presented jointly by Prof Khalid Mufti & Prof Haroon Rashid Chaudhry President of the Pakistan Psychiatric Society.


Dr Sherva Cooray, immediate past president of Srilankan Psychiatric Association of UK presented the work being undertaken in Sri Lanka for the IDPs. This was jointly discussed by Prof Mohan as well who has been very active in raising donations for these projects.


It is worth mentioning that South Asian Forum International donated 1300 Pounds for the projects for IDPs in Sri Lanka & Pakistan at this meeting. This donation was given to the representatives of Pakistan Psychiatric Society & Sri Lankan College of Psychiatrists, member organisations of WPA & AFPA.


Afzal Javed
South Asian Forum International




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