Serbian Psychiatric Association Workshop - Guidelines for Treatment of Psychotic Disorders

During the XXXVII. Educative Symposium of Institute of Psychiatry, Belgrade, entitled: "Antipsychotics – The Path Towards Reintegration" (November 12-13, 2009), the Serbian Psychiatric Association (SPA) will pay special attention to young psychiatrists from Serbia and the Balkans, by organizing a workshop "Contemporary guidelines for treatment of psychotic disorders". The workshop will consist of three parts (lectures, case reports related tasks and evaluation), and will target colleagues younger than 40 who are either psychiatrists, trainees in psychiatry, or medical doctors oriented towards psychiatry. The application for the workshop includes a letter of recommendation and a brief CV of the candidate.

This workshop demonstrates continual efforts of the SPA to offer the programs tailored to needs of young psychiatrists. The initial activity of this type was The First Winter Workshop for Young Psychiatrists (Mokra Gora, 2004), followed by the Zonal School for Young Psychiatrists (Belgrade, 2008). These meetings give a unique opportunity to young psychiatrists from Serbia and the Balkans to meet colleagues, share ideas and improve their professional skills. The Faculty of the Workshop consists of the SPA President Prof. Miroslava Jasovic-Gasic, Zonal Representative for Central Europe Prof. Dusica Lecic-Tosevski, and three assistant professors.

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