March 2010
The voice of the psychiatrists of the world

Levent Kuey
WPA Secretary General
Editor, WPA NEWS

WPA NEWS, the quarterly official news bulletin of the World Psychiatric Association, is one of the main WPA Media Channels along with the weekly revised WPA Online and the monthly WPA E-Bulletin.

WPA is in the process of improving its organizational image and identity and the WPA Media Channels are playing an important role in this process. After the WPA General Assembly of 2008, benefiting from the work and contributions of past WPA Officers and relying on the efforts of our well qualified Secretariat Staff in Geneva, reshaping the WPA Media Channels has become a priority for us. A more comprehensive and aesthetic publication, covering the voice of all of the WPA components in a plain but elegant style, is aimed.

WPA News is not considered merely as a newsletter circulating information “from center to the periphery” of WPA, but also as an efficient media tool in improving communication, interaction and cooperation both in intra-organizational and inter-organizational contexts. So, besides disseminating information originated from the central components of the World Psychiatric Association, WPA News is also highly committed to reflect the activities of its Member Societies, Zonal Representatives and Affiliated Associations, hence reflecting the voice of all of the psychiatrists of the world.

During this past year of 2009, the WPA NEWS had been reconstructed to be in harmony, and figures demonstrate that the contributions from the WPA Components had increased remarkably, hence our media channels had managed to mirror the voice of all of the components in a balanced way. A considerable international recognition had been received.

The World Psychiatric Association, with its six decades of organizational history, has established itself as the international umbrella organization of the world psychiatric community and aims to improve its power of representativeness during the following decades. WPA NEWS, along with the other WPA Media Channels, with your increasing contributions, is ready to add value to this process of advancing psychiatry and mental health across the world.

WPA NEWS offers to all of us an instrument of interaction in our efforts of raising awareness for better mental health for all, for higher quality of scientific research, for privileged standards of human and patient rights and ethical norms, for good clinical practice and for improved mental health services.

All WPA components and psychiatrists around the world are welcomed and encouraged to assist in improving the efficiency of WPA NEWS.

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