March 2010
Summary of the Workshop at the 59th Canadian Psychiatric Association annual meeting in St John's Newfoundland, on August 25th-27th 2009

Raymond Tempier
WPA Zone 1 Representative

This workshop was entitled: The World Psychiatric Association New Tri-Annum Plan 2008-2011: How Canada Should Fit in? The Presenter was Pr Raymond Tempier of the University of Saskatchewan. The goals of this workshop were to:
1. Learn more about WPA’s History & Role
2. Be knowledgeable about WPA Work plans & Actions
3. Discuss Implications for the Canadian Psychiatrists.

In a PowerPoint presentation, Pr Tempier did first explain the WPA structure and its role. He also summarized the WPA history & its current organization. Then, were presented the WPA general objectives. This would include the 1996 Declaration of Madrid. The actual WPA-WHO Collaborative Activities for 2009-2011 were detailed. The revision of the ICD-10 Chapter on Mental & Behavioral Disorders, the WPA Collaboration in WHO mental health Gap Action Program (mhGAP), and the WPA Partnership on MH Care in Emergencies were explained. Pr Tempier presented his Triennial Work Plan, for 2008-2011 as the WPA ZONE 1, CANADA representative. He did show the World Psychiatry journal cover as well as a cover page from the April issue of Psychiatry Aujourd’hui where he was interviewed on his proposed triennial work plan.

The participation was rather small (they were about 10 participants, as this is often the case at the annual CPA meeting ). Those attendees included psychiatrists from different areas of the country (From Prince Edward Island in Eastern Canada to Vancouver Island out West). For example, a psychiatrist practicing in Saskatchewan but originally from Sudan looked at the possibility of involving psychiatrists from this country. Another psychiatrist who attended this workshop reported her experience in teaching mental health professionals in Guyana and how teaching professionals is expected from Canadian psychiatrists abroad. Two psychiatrists interested by international developments were part of the CPA board. The discussion was lively and several colleagues found interesting in developing more collaboration with developing countries. A resident from McGill Univ., Montreal proposed that psychiatry does not do enough to send students and residents to developing countries collaborative programs as other Royal College disciplines do (i.e. Surgery, Obs-Gyn., etc.). She proposed that CPA should be informing and possibly advertising among residents the different collaborations entertained by Canadian psychiatrists abroad. This excellent suggestion was reported later to the new Board Chairman of the CPA, Dr Donald Addington, from the University of Calgary. Dr Tempier’s belief is that the CPA Board is quite interested by the WPA/CPA future collaborations’ endeavors.  

In summary, it was a very productive workshop and the discussion was lively. The attendees were quite interested in learning more about the WPA and the Canadian triennial plan. We decided to propose to the CPA’s annual meeting scientific committee another workshop at the next annual meeting in Toronto, September 2010.   

Psychiatry Aujourd’hui is a monthly Canadian Psychiatry Association Bulletin presenting important topics or "hot" issues for the Canadian psychiatrists.

Most psychiatrists attend CPA annual meetings for strict maintenance competence prioritizing clinical knowledge acquisition.




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