April 2010
PsicheDonna Centre, Macedonio - Melloni, Fatebenefratelli e Oftalmico, Milan, Italy

The PsicheDonna Centre was born in 2004 at the Macedonio-Melloni, Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Milan, Italy and it is unique in its kind.

It’s a public and outpatient centre specialized in the study, prevention and care of psychological diseases and psychiatric disorders linked to women’s lifecycle milestones, such as, pregnancy, postpartum, menstrual- and menopause- period; pregnancy and postpartum  are the areas of election.

Admission to the Centre is free and possible for women coming from any part of Italy.

Affective disorders and anxiety disorders, to cite the main,  during specific phases of a woman life cycle (menarche, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, post-partum and menopause/peri-menopause) show a specific biological-hormonal vulnerability that becomes the file rouge of the etiopathogenesis of psychiatric disorders linked to female gender. Given these evidences,  it’s important  to learn how to build a “new way of thinking”, a diversified approach to health able to appreciate and modulate on gender differences in order to be able to develop and put in place more personalized and thus effective interventions and treatments.

The Centre takes care of patients through a treatment plan proposed and carried out by psychiatrists and psychologists- psychotherapist and it is open not only to clinical problems but also to the management of those factors that are considered risk factors for the development and worsening of psychiatric disorders/psychological diseases.

Areas/interventions of election are:

  • Pharmacological treatment- pharmacological consultancy, with particular attention for drug assumption during pregnancy and postpartum,
  • Educational pre-delivery courses
  • Group-psychotherapy for pregnant women affected by psychopathology
  • Group-psychotherapy for postpartum women affected by psychopathology
  • Group-psychotherapy for postpartum women with respect of three main modules, emotional diseases, impulsiveness and effective interpersonal behaviours
  • Relaxing sessions, individual and group session
  • Individual-psychotherapy (different theoretical orientations, CBT, Sistemic-Relational, Interpersonal)
  • Educational and support group meeting for partners of women affected by psychopathology attending the Centre
  • Psychiatric consultancy for inpatient women (Macedonio Melloni Hospital)
  • Mother-infant evaluation thanks to the direct link with the Developmental Neuropsychiatry Department
  • Sexology consultancy and sexology educational session 
  • Educational courses (ECM) and seminars for gynaecologists, obstetricians, physician and operators in general
  • Seminars and public events addressed to the general population, also in cooperation with public institutions

Ample space is given to research in order to achieve evidence-based results useful to reach the best patient-related clinical practice and to improve prevention strategies and healing interventions.

The staff is composed by 5 psychiatrists and 7 psychologist-psychotherapist from different theoretical approach; everyone has a peculiar know-how and a area of election-interest.

The presence of an "all-female" team allows patients to find a careful and empathic understanding of the peculiarity of problems in those specific life stages, which characterize only the existence of a woman.




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