May 2010
Merit Prize

Prof. Ahmed Okasha and President Mubarak of EgyptPresident Mubarak of Egypt honoring Professor Ahmed Okasha for the highest academic award from the "Egyptian Academy of Science", "The State Merit Prize for Medical Sciences".

It is the first time for this prestigious award to be bestowed upon a psychiatrist not only in Egypt but also in the Arab World. The Egyptian Psychiatric Association considered this award an acknowledgment to Psychiatry as a "scientific medical branch".

By receiving this award, Prof. Okasha has achieved his long life endeavors to establish psychiatry in its rightful place in the medical profession both in Egypt and the Arab world. Currently Prof. Okasha is the director of WHO collaborating center for training and research, Institute of Psychiatry, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. He is the President of Egyptian Psychiatric Association, President of Arab Federation of Psychiatrists, Past President WPA, and a member of the WPA Council.




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