July 2010
First Symposium on Alcohology in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A section of the participants at the First Symposium on AlcohologyOrganized by the University Clinic for Psychiatry Tuzla, the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Psychiatric Association of Tuzla Canton the First Symposium on Alcohology in Bosnia and Herzegovina with international participation with the theme "Modern Approach in the Treatment of Alcohol-induced Disorders” was held on 23-24 April 2010 at the Hotel Tuzla in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The co-organizers were the Institute for Alcoholism and other Addictions of Sarajevo Canton, the Department of Psychiatry of the University Hospital "Sestre Milosrdnice" (Zagreb, Croatia), the Association of Trainees and Young Psychiatrists / Neuropsychiatrist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Community Clubs of Treated Alcoholics of Serbia, the Croatian Association for Alcoholism and other Addictions of Croatian Medical Association and Reference Center for Alcoholism of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Croatia.

The participants attending the two-day Symposium were about 200 professionals in the field of mental health (psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists, psychiatry/neuropsychiatry trainees, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers and nurses) from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and the Republic of Macedonia-FYROM. The academic part of the Symposium consisted of six sessions which included plenary lectures, invited lectures and oral presentations. One poster session and a special section for young psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists and trainees on Education in Alcohology was held, as well as a workshop for nurses on Nursing Competences in the Treatment of Alcoholism. The Symposium ended with a joint session for participants and beneficiaries entitled Experimental Club of Treated Alcoholics. At the Symposium, we extended our knowledge and shared our experiences on the contemporary approach to the treatment of alcohol-induced disorders through presentations of prominent experts in the field in the region.  

During the second day of the Symposium, the inaugural Assembly of the Association of Alcohologists and other Addiction Experts in Bosnia and Herzegovina was held; this Association will be based in Tuzla.

Participants were treated to a Welcome reception, a Gala Dinner, and a social event with short excursions which gave them the opportunity to experience some of the attractions of Tuzla Canton. There was also an exhibition by the companies that sponsored the Symposium.

The Symposium in Tuzla was highly successful and based on responses from attendees, each found the event to be an important knowledge-sharing venue. It was also wonderful to see many colleagues from different countries of the region coming together for the event, to enhance cooperation and friendship, as well as to contribute to positive changes not only in the field of psychiatry and medicine but in wider communities.

Marija Burgić-Radmanović, President   
Alma Džubur-Kulenović and Dr.Goran Račetović, Secretaries General
Izet Pajević, President of the Organizing Commitee




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