July 2010
International Association of Ethnopsychologists and Ethnopsychotherapists

The Tomsk Mental Health Research Institute, RussiaOn September 20-26, 2009 the 2nd World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry took place in Norcia, Italy. The Forum gathered together leading scientists and specialists from all over the world: from Russia, countries of the European Union, the United States, Mexico, China, Latin America, and Africa.

A Symposium by the Tomsk Mental Health Research Institute (Co-Chairs: academician of RAMSci V.Ya. Semke and Prof. I.E. Kupriyanova) was held in the building of the theatre, the place of all ceremonial activities of the Congress. The topic of the symposium “Mental Health of Siberian Population” attracted the attention of the audience. The oral presentation of V.Ya. Semke “Strategy of trans-cultural investigations in Siberia” was devoted to theoretic general conclusions and periods of development of cultural psychiatry as a new direction of the contemporary medicine and psychology. Prof. Nikolai Bokhan presented data about clinical-cultural peculiarities of alcoholism of the indigenous population of Kamchatka. Oral presentation in addition to scientific data has been remembered by original photos taken from Kamchatka expeditions. Factors influencing mental health of school children of Buryat rural population were reflected in the presentation of B.A. Dashiyeva and I.E. Kupriyanova. Several years investigations carried out at the Preventive Psychiatry Department of Mental Health Research Institute of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences allowed distinguishing the ethno-cultural peculiarities of the formation of borderline neuro-mental disorders in children. The oral presentations of Prof. A.V. Semke and l.D. Rakhmazova “Trans-cultural approaches to adaptation of patients with schizophrenia” summarized clinical, psychological and social questions of adaptation of patients with endogenous diseases.

The closing ceremony was held at the Historic Museum under the warm Italian sky among columns and suite of rooms where all the participants witnessed a historic parade and closing cocktail party. The friendly atmosphere of the Congress, interesting presentations, and unforgettable meetings all contributed to the emotional and intellectual enthusiasm and positive aspirations to further scientific research.

Svetlana Vladimirova
International Association of Ethnopsychologists and Ethnopsychotherapists

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