July 2010
News from Section on Schizophrenia

Current important activities of the WPA Section on Schizophrenia center around the revision of the major classification systems of mental disorders, DSM-V, and ICD-11. Both conceptual and methodological issues arise.The Section Chair is a member of the Psychosis Workgroup of the American Psychiatric Association, which provides recommendations for the revision of the classification of the psychotic disorders in the framework of developing DSM-V. This group has been active for about 18 months now and is currently reviewing the suggestions received regarding the first draft of the DSM-V criteria. Some of the more important changes suggested in the first draft were the inclusion of a psychosis risk syndrome, the deletion of the schizophrenia subtypes, and the introduction of a range of dimensional assessments. A similar Psychosis Working Group is currently being established by the WHO and will be chaired by the Section Chair. The WHO group shall establish formal liaison with the corresponding APA group and will take special interest in reviewing the evidence pertinent to any suggestions for novel diagnostic criteria for psychotic disorders, for new ideas about where to place psychotic disorders in ICD-11, in assessing the factors of a Content Model for the reclassification of mental disorders, and questions of the utility and the feasibility of any reclassification of psychotic disorders with a view to the global use of ICD-11.

Wolfgang Gaebel
Chair, WPA Section on Schizophrenia

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