November 2010
Report of WPA Zone 4 – Northern South America, 2009-2010

F. DelgadoSince the beginning of my appointment, I have been actively working in the development of the main objectives of my action plan.

  • Strengthen collaborative efforts on scientific, academic and societal aspects with the corresponding section of the Latin American Psychiatric Association (APAL) as well as other Zones of the WPA, mostly Zone 3 and Zone 5 and their national scientific societies and individuals.
  • Promoting the development and strengthening of social networks for interventions at the community level to avoid hospitalizations and the amelioration of the mental health system in my zone.
    • Actively working in the development and strengthening of mental health systems and networks in our zone, especially in my country of origin.
    • Having some success in bringing to the worktable decision-capable representatives of the national secretaries of Health and of Social Welfare, working now in the development of a regional mental health plan with the collaborative efforts of the different actors, each assuming its competencies.
  • Organization of an international Zonal meeting that took place in November 2009 in Guayaquil which addressed between other topics, to the community and social psychiatry development issue, so important in our region. This meeting joined together:
    • 7 WPA officers (President-Elect, Secretary General, five WPA Zonal Representatives)
    • 52 international professors
    • 47 national professors
    • 321 participants
    • It comprised five simultaneous activities: 
    • Lectures, symposia, discussion tables, forums with the general public
    • Community Psychiatry, suicide, addictions, dual pathology, violence
    • Book presentations
  • Offered young psychiatrists of zonal member societies fellowships at the Lorenzo Ponce Psychiatric hospital.
  • Promoted the development of programs and publications on the prevention of drug abuse and suicide among Zone 4 and other Zones’ member societies.
  • Supported the publication of the America’s Bulletin sending relevant material to the editor.
  • Active broadcasting of WPA News, proposals, statements and related material.

Fabrizio Delgado
WPA Zonal Representative for Zone 4 (Northern South America)




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