November 2010
EUFAMI launches the "Friends of the Forgotten Children"

Friends of the Forgotten ChildrenEUFAMI recently launched its virtual Action Network at a Mental Health event in the EU Parliament in Brussels. The event, Toward Europe 2020: The role of Mental Capital and Well-Being, was hosted by Nessa Childers, MEP from Ireland. This virtual network, which is titled the "Friends of the Forgotten Children", has been created by EUFAMI as a follow up to the very successful conference which it held in Vilnius, Lithuania in November 2009. The conference was a cross sector multi-disciplined event, where delegates discussed and tackled the issues and challenges faced on a daily basis by children across Europe whose parents are affected by mental illness. The network uses Facebook, which is currently the most widely used social networking platform, and will be managed and monitored by EUFAMI.

If you wish to become a friend of the Forgotten Children, simply log onto the information page for the network through Facebook and send a request to become a member. You can do this by following this link: Friends of the Forgotten Children on Facebook or - in case this does not work, by pasting the following link in your browser address bar:

Kevin Jones
Secretary General, European Federation of Associations of Families of Persons with Mental Illness (EUFAMI)




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