February 2011
WPA template for undergraduate and graduate psychiatric education

In the years just before and after the turn of the 21st century, the WPA produced its first set of curriculum recommendations for both undergraduate (medical student) and graduate (residency) psychiatric education. The goal was to improve the quality of education and, consequently, the quality of care for patients with mental disorders.

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I. Introduction and Description of the Approach in This Document
II. Development, Functions and Evaluation of a Psychiatric Curriculum
III. Medical Student Education - General Psychiatric Competencies
IV. Psychiatric Teaching Approaches to Medical Students
V. Graduate Education - A Competency Based Approach
VI. The Centrality of Cultural Competencies in the Teaching of Medical Students and Residents
VII. Competency Assessment in Medical Student Education
VIII. Competency Based Evaluation in Residency Training
IX. Educating Medical Student and Resident Teachers and Supervisors

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