December 2017
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Edgard Belfort

WPA Secretary for Education

Challenges in the Practice of Psychiatry 

 “From the Perspective of Education”

We cannot deal a mental health educational problem if we do not know its real dimension, that is why the mission is to understand more in the present, and the vision is what one would like to achieve in the mid or long term. In this sense there is a close partnership alliance in collaboration with the WPA Secretary for Education and its Operational Committee: Luz Querubin; Roger Ng; Constantin Soldatos; Fabrizio Delgado; Marc Hermans; Bulent Coskun; Andrea Fiorillo; Felipe Picon, jointly with the member societies. To work on the evaluation of Educational Processes developing regional training activities, particularly in Latin America, Asia, Africa and East Europe. We need to adapt these training programs to local circumstances, working hand in hand with the presidents of the societies and institutions in the regions. 

Some main goal we are looking for:

  • Promoting professional training (curricular agenda, methodologies and skills, particularly the psychiatric discipline). These activities will award educational credits.
  • Promoting the highest possible ethical standards in the psychiatric work
  • Disseminating knowledge about evidence-based therapy and values based practice.
  • Encourage mental health professionals to complement their education (knowledge, skills and values that increase psychiatrist's vision beyond its professional discipline through continued educational programs).
  • Promoting research activities, evaluated on the basis of their educational value and applicability.
  • Supporting/ developing educational programs specifically designed for primary and community care.

Some examples of these proposals are:

1.    WPA Template for Undergraduate and Graduate Psychiatric Education / Update

Action: Develop a set of curriculum recommendations for psychiatric education of undergraduate and graduate. The goal is to improve the quality of education and, consequently, the quality of care for patients with mental disorders.

2.    WPA Programme on Depression in Persons with Physical Diseases.

3.    WPA Inter –Section Programme

3.1. Update of WPA Educational Program (Schizophrenia, Depression, etc.). 

Action: Text-materials need very extensive revision - both in form and content to generate a revised and coherent up-to-date version.

Create a new curriculum structure - revise the text parts - the format of the material (PP, e-learning if needed, brochure etc.) - develop new materials -.

3.2 Promote the design, distribution, application and translation of educational material consistent with the standard diagnoses and psychiatric diseases.

3.3 Produced a series of written materials for education in different areas, in collaboration with the WPA Secretary for Publications

We follow WPA Executive Committee triennial plan, leadership by our President: Prof. Dinesh Bhugra following the guidelines on Education & Training, especially in Mental Health Diploma.

Create and extensive network for education, Web-based learning, and Updating training packages, closer links and partnership with organizations.

In conclusion, our duty together with member’s societies and their members is to be with the patient, we have to be a voice for the dignity and human rights of the patients and their families.

Your suggestions and opinions will be welcome!


Prof Edgard Belfort

WPA Secretary for Education

Report from Secretary Education 2014-17

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