Art and Psychiatry

The good news of a new publication by the WPA Section of Art and Psychiatry, a collective volume published by Routledge and edited by Hans-Otto Thomashoff and Ekaterina Sukhanova.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders

Jasper has ADHD and would like to explain how his life with ADHD really is to his girlfriend, his family, his boss, and better to the whole world. He is a nice and creative young man, but somehow he repeatedly screws up with keys, things he needs, with time. Actually he even screws things up with everyone around..

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Clinical Psychopathology

The WPA Section on Clinical Psychopathology has participated in the Third (III) Congress of Psychiatrists of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The congress, organized by the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina (PABH)..

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Classification, Diagnostic Assessment and Nomenclature

One of the main activities of the Section in the last months has been the promotion of the Revision of the Latin American Guide for Psychiatric Diagnosis (GLADP-VR) to be published in the near future..

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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Leaders forum: the future of child and adolescent psychiatry [ Read more]
59th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry [ Read more]
Regional Meeting "Mental Health and Disaster: Beyond Emergency Response" [ Read more]
Important element of world psychiatry [ Read more]

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Dual Disorders/Pathology

Dual Disorders Services in Israel [ Read more]
VII National Course on Dual Pathology and Gender [ Read more]

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Doha Undergraduate Psychiatry Education Workshop

A select group of experts in the field of psychiatric education and cultural psychiatry were invited by Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar to hold a workshop addressing the undergraduate psychiatry curriculum in developing countries and its relevance to the needs of the local population..

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Epidemiology and Public Health

The last decade has witnessed major breakthroughs in psychiatric genetic research. With ever increasing costs for genome-wide association studies and propelled by 

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Exercise, Psychiatry and Sports

Publishing a book with Wiley Press May 2013 on Current Issues in Sports Psychiatry: An International Perspective [ Read more]
Publishing a book with Wiley Press on Recent Advances in Sports Psychiatry: A Global Perspective [ Read more]
APA meeting in San Francisco [ Read more]
At the Olympic Sports Medicine Congress in Glasgow [ Read more]
Completing a new book with Wiley [ Read more]
Vienna WPA International Congress[ Read more]

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Evolutionary Psychiatry

Evolutionary psychiatry is concerned with function and poses the question [ Read more]
During the past year we have been happy to contribute [ Read more]

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Education in Psychiatry

Education in Psychiatry is proud to continue growing with new members [ Read more]
Our members face certain challenges: we are committed experts regarding [ Read more]

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Family Research and Intervention

On the occasion of the 166th Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in San Francisco, Prof. Ira Glick coordinated a meeting between the WPA Section on Family Research and Intervention headed by Co-chair Prof. Akram Wilson and the delegation of the American Association of Family Therapists..

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Forensic Psychiatry

The Forensic Psychiatry Section of the World Psychiatric Association has developed this position paper to provide guidelines for the conduct of Independent Medical Examinations..

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Genetics in Psychiatry

Going educational and global [ Read more]
WPA-congress in Buenos Aires in 2011 [ Read more]
The Section “Genetics in Psychiatry”: a new push for educational activities[ Read more]

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History of Psychiatry

The History of Psychiatry Section of the WPA, under the chairmanship of Prof. German Berrios has been active in terms of symposia organized,Journal activity, and a general fostering of interest in the history of the discipline.. 

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HIV/AIDS Psychiatry

Iintroduce the new WPA Section [ Read more]
The goal of our Section is to raise awareness about HIV psychiatry[ Read more]

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Immunology and Psychiatry

Psychoneuroimmunology Expert Meeting 2012 [ Read more]
Activity on early life events and mental illnesses [ Read more]
Activity on Early Life Events and Mental Illnesses[ Read more]
Italian Psychiatric Association 2012 [ Read more]

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Migration, Violence and Cultural Psychiatry

The Organizing Committee of GLADET’s Third International Congress welcomes you to our most important event. The first GLADET Congress took place in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in April 2008, with the theme “Psychiatry, Nature, and Culture: from the individual to the universal”, and featured contributions by distinguished colleagues from five continents..

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Military Psychiatry

The International Congress of the WPA in Prague in October 2012 has been an important stage in the development of the WPA Section on Military Psychiatry. During the Congress, a Section symposium and a Section business meeting were held..

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Neuroimaging in Psychiatry

The 2013 World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, 17-21 October 2013, is taking place at an exciting time in the field of mental health research when an increasing number of genetic risk factors for psychiatric disorders are being identified..

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Old Age Psychiatry

The mental health and well-being of older people was chosen by the World Federation for Mental Health as theme for the World Mental Health Day 2013. This is a very good occasion to reflect about the global situation of older people with mental disorders around the globe..

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Perinatal Psychiatry and Infant Mental Health

The WPA Section on Perinatal Psychiatry and Infant Mental Health is focused both on parental and infant mental health without one or the other being predominant..

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The WPA Section on Pharmacopsychiatry was very productive in the past years and published altogether five position papers that were published in the European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences as well as in Schizophrenia Research.. 

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Philosophy and Humanities in Psychiatry

International perspectives in values-based practice in mental health [ Read more]
Oxford’s First Summer School [ Read more]
16th International Conference[ Read more]
Summer School: Mind, Value and Mental Health [ Read more]
The 6th RD Laing Conference [ Read more]
Report of activities at the World Congress of Psychiatry 2011[ Read more]

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Preventive Psychiatry

JK Trivedi Memorial Lecture Tiruvalla, India  [ Read more]
Pedro Ruiz receives “WASP Yves Pelicier Prize” [ Read more
65th Annual Conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society in Bangalore [ Read more]
Buenos Aires during World Congress of Psychiatry: Feb 29, 2012 [ Read more]

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Psychiatric Rehabilitation

3rd Asia Pacific Conference [ Read more]
WPA Regional Meeting held in Bali[ Read more]

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Psychiatry & Sleep Wakefulness Disorders

Chronic insomnia represents a major public health problem. It is characterised by prolonged sleep onset latency, problems in maintaining sleep, early morning awakenings or the feeling of non-restorative sleep, coupled with significant daytime impairments..

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Psychiatry in Developing Countries

The Asian Federation of Early Career Psychiatrists [ Read more]
Mental Health in Fiji undergoes a Paradigm Shift in 2011 [ Read more]
4th International IGPI Conference, Bangalore [ Read more]

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Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability

The 9th EAMH-ID international congress, entitled "New horizons for Mental Health in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities", was organized with the sponsorship of World Psychiatric Association and in collaboration with the WPA section Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability. The event was  held in Estoril (Lisbon) from September 12th to 14th 2013.

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Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry

Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry (PIP) has been very active throughout 2013 [ Read more]
3rd Monothematic Congress "Crises and Disasters" [ Read more]
An Open Day [ Read more]

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Psychological Consequences of Torture and Persecution

Preparation of an international meeting [ Read more]
A Report on the Section symposium – Prague, October 2012 [ Read more]

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Psychophysiology in Psychiatry

After six years of decisive leadership leading the Section to be one of the larger ones in the WPA, Dr. Silvana Galderisi’s term ended. The new set of officers reflects the expanding scope of this discipline..

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Public Policy and Psychiatry

The Affordable Care Act in context [Click here to View]

Minutes of section meeting of WPA Section on ‘Public Policy and Psychiatry’ Madrid, 2014, September, 15 [Click here to View

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Quality Assurance in Psychiatry

At the WPA Thematic Conference “Mental Health and Mental Illness:Focusing on Eurasia” held on August 29-31, 2013 in Yerevan, Armenia, Prof. Jagannathan Srinivasaraghavan, Secretary of the WPA Section on Quality Assurance in Psychiatry presented a paper entitled“Informed Consent: Who is Responsible and What has Culture to do with it?” in Oral Communications Psychiatry - Roots, Identity and Context chaired by Henrik Wahlberg (Sweden) and Ann Faerden (Norway)..

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Religion, Spirituality and Mental Health

The religious, philosophical and spiritual dimensions of Compassion and Caring virtues are getting squeezed out in the health care systems.Prof. Srinivasa Murthy and his group started the compilation of NARRATIVES of spirituality being part of the care giving..

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Religion, Spirituality and Psychiatry

Invite you to attend the 1st Global Meeting [ Read more]
World Congress of Psychiatry, Buenos Aires[ Read more]
The Board of the WPA Section on Religion, Spirituality and Psychiatry[ Read more]
The International Symposium on Psychiatry and Religious experience[ Read more]
Training Course for psychiatric Residents on Religion, Spirituality and Mental Health[ Read more]
Activities in several symposia and workshops entitled [ Read more]
Worked hard to introduce a new Religion Survey [ Read more]

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Rural Mental Health

Mental health needs, access and provision in rural areas differs from that in urban settings and can affect health determinants, presentations and treatments in many ways. The WPA recognises that the rural environment is an important and distinctive context for psychiatric practice and the Section strives to promote the highest standards in clinical practice, training and research pertaining to the practice of Psychiatry in rural and remote locations..

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At the last meeting of the WPA Executive Committee, held in September 2013 in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, it was decided to update the WPA educational programs published on the website, especially the one on schizophrenia. The WPA Secretary for Education, Prof. Edgard Belfort, has appointed the Chair of the WPA Schizophrenia Section, Prof. Wolfgang Gaebel, to organize together a Review Committee on Schizophrenia program update..

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Joint WPA Workshop of the Schizophrenia Section and the Section on Quality Assurance at the “4th European Conference on Schizophrenia Research – Together for better treatment and care”, 26 – 28 September 2013, Berlin, Germany..

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Schizophrenia and Quality Assurance in Psychiatry

The ECSR, a WPA co-sponsored meeting that is jointly organized by the European Scientific Association on Schizophrenia and other Psychoses (ESAS) and the Competence Network on Schizophrenia, again was a great success..

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Depression: the facts, published by the Oxford University Press in 2011 (2nd edition, ISBN: 978-0-19-960293-3), has won the BMA Board of Science Award for the Public Understanding of Science on September 13, 2012..

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Trancultural Psychiatry

In accordance to the WPA by-laws all sections are required to carry out certain tasks: (see also WPA website: WPA Bylaws)
“(i) have at least 20 members.
(ii) have held an election for the Section Committee, including a Chair and a 
Secretary, in accord with its By-laws

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Urban Mental Health

We are selecting 50 foreign graduate or post graduate students with research projects in the area of prevention of mental health to participate in the Y-Mind Sao Paulo Advanced Science School..

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Women’s Mental Health

The Vth International Conference on Women’s Mental Health [Read More
Does Globalization Affect Women’s Mental Health [ Read More]
Panamanian Psychiatric Society, May 9-10,2013 [ Read More]
Marta B. Rondon sent a detailed report of the 5th IAWMH World Congress in Lima [ Read More]
5th World Congress on Women's Mental Health in Lima, Peru [Read more]
Dr. Anita Riecher-Rössler is a Board member and also the president of the International Association for Women's Mental Health [ Read More]
Activities in 2011-2012: Presentations by Profs. Donna Stewart and Marta Rondon [ Read More]
Women’s Mental Health - Report of October 2011 [ Read More]
Women’s Mental Health – Report of Activities [ Read More]

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WPA Section Chairs meet at Prague

A meeting of WPA Scientific Section chairs took place during the Prague International Congress (October 2012). This was attended by 50 participants representing more than 30 Sections. The main objective of this meeting was..

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Stigma and Mental Health

On June 4-6, the Section on Stigma and Mental Health of the World Psychiatric Association co-hosted the 5th InternationalTogether Against Stigma Conference with the Mental Health Commission of Canada through their Opening Minds anti-stigma initiative

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Psychiatry, Medicine and Primary Care

Develop a program to train non physician[ Read more]
Conducting a worldwide survey of attitudes of primary care physicians[ Read more]
International Congress in Prague on Diagnosis and Treatment[ Read more]
Education in Psychiatry on developing a training program for non-psychiatrists[ Read more]

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