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The Clinical Psychopathology Section is one of the oldest sections of the organisation. Formed by some of the founding members, such as Prof. Peter Berner (Vienna), Prof. Nils Retterstol (Oslo), Prof. Pierre Pichot (Paris), the Section has become very active in the subsequent years through the actions of Prof. Michael Musalek (Vienna) and Prof. Stein Opjordsmoen (Oslo) (both current members of this Section).


Thanks to its work the Section has grown and now has members from many countries like the U.K. (Andrew Sims, Ian Brockington, John Cutting), Italy (Arnaldo Ballerini, Giovanni Stanghellini), Germany (Christoph Mundt, Thomas Fuchs) and others that have cooperated intensively in the promotion of Psychopathology as a fundamental discipline of Psychiatry. This was during the eighties and nineties, when other emerging disciplines had largely given the idea that Psychopathology was a matter for historic research.


More recently, the work and commitment of valued members has contributed more to enlarge the presence of Psychopathology in International Congresses and Scientific Literature. Today, Psychopathology has regained its role in Psychiatry and the Section is offering services and membership to all who want to join our efforts. 


Working Group Mission

The mission of the Clinical Psychopathology Section is to promote Psychopathology as a fundamental discipline of Psychiatry at the level of 1) clinical conceptualisation, 2) philosophical reflection on Psychiatry, and 3) supporting research to all fields of Psychiatry.


Michael Musalek - Chair - Clinical Psych

Michael Musalek 

Address: Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna
Freudplatz, 2
1020 Vienna – Austria


Andrea Raballo - Co-chair - Clinical Psy

Andrea Raballo

Address:Community Mental Health Center
Department of Mental Health and Pathological Addiction 
Via Petrella 1/a 42122 Reggio Emilia, Italy


Pedro Varandas - Secretary - Clinical Ps

Pedro Varandas

Address: Institute Irmãs Hospitaleiras Sagrado Coração Rua Chaby Pinheiro, 15 – 2° Dto. 
1050-096 Lisbon, Portugal 
Tel:+351 917388071

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Section Officers