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Depression for Persons with Physical Illness

Slide set based on the WPA volume DEPRESSION AND DIABETES

Slide set based on the WPA volume DEPRESSION AND CANCER

Slide set based on the WPA volume DEPRESSION AND HEART DISEASE

Initimate Partner Violence & Sexual Violence against Women


Module 1 : Clinical Presentation

Module 2: Pathophysiological Mechanisms

Module 3 : Treatment

Module 4 : Case Vignettes

Social Phobia

WPA educational programme on social phobia was made possible by the guidance and expertise of the WPA social phobia task force.

Prof. J. A. Costa e Silva, Brazil


Prof. J. Angst, Switzerland 

Dr. J. Davidson, USA 

Prof. M. Keller, USA 

Prof. J-P Lépine, France 

Dr. M. Liebowitz, USAProf.

J. J. Lopez-Ibor, Spain 

Prof. S. Montgomery, UK 

Prof. R. Priest, UK

Dr. J. Siegel, USA

ICD 10 Training Kit - (in collaboration with WHO)

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Personality Disorder

WPA International Guidelines for Diagnostic Assessment (IGDA)

Training Curriculum and Related Resources 

Core curriculum for post-graduate training in psychiatry

Chair: Prof. J.J. Lopez-Ibor

Co-chair: Prof. A. Okasha

Introduction: In the period 1993-1999, the World Psychiatric Association developed, in collaboration with the World Federation for Medical Education, guidelines concerning the teaching of psychiatry to undergraduate students of medicine. Developments in the neurosciences, psychopharmacology, epidemiology, psychotherapies, and cultural studies are now leading to the need to re-examine the identity and role of psychiatrists and to develop a basic international framework for postgraduate training in psychiatry.

The process of globalization in psychiatry is accompanied by conflicting pressures in the developing world (resources shortage) and in the developed world (managed care). It is essential that a core international curriculum for postgraduate training be rooted on a biopsychosocial framework as well as on a culturally-informed understanding of clinical and educational needs.

Atlas - Psychiatric Education and Training Across the World

This publication is a joint project of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) and WHO. The Atlas provides a global overview of the quality, quantity and regional variation of psychiatric training across the world. The report reveals a marked variability in training across the world while provideing some useful information regarding the availability of mental health resources.

Recognised Post-Graduate Courses offered by other Academic Institutions

University of Melbourne:


Diploma of International Psychiatry

King’s College London:


Institute of Psychiatry,

Psychology &


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