Find a member society by region/ zone

Find a member society by region/ zone

The following Regions and Zones were reviewed and approved by the General Assembly in Yokohama,

Japan on August 26, 2002. The present list includes the new Member Societies admitted by the General

Assemblies in Cairo, Egypt on September 12, 2005, in Prague, Czech Republic on 22 September 2008, in

Buenos Aires, Argentina on 21 September 2011, Madrid, Spain on 16 September 2014, Berlin, Germany on

11 October 2017 and one ad-hoc Member Society admitted at the EC Meeting in Melbourne, Australia on

23 February 2018 plus two ad-hoc Members admitted at the EC meeting in Mexico City, Mexico on 27

September 2018. Member Society zonal reassignments may be agreed to by the Executive Committee

upon the request of the Societies involved.

Find a WPA Member Society 

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The table below shows the WPA's four world regions and eighteen country zones.  Use the dropdown menu to explore which member societies sit within which region and zone.


Region 1. The Americas

Region 2. Europe


☀🌊💥Terc3iros 🌭🍕🍟
Floripa - Canasvieiras 2019
Nosso pacote inclui: - Ônibus de luxo;
- Hospedagem em Hotel exclusivo;
- Equipe de monitores exclusivos;
- Hotel de luxo;
- Quartos de luxo com ar condicionado, frigobar, banheiro, etc;
- Casa noturna (Mood) exclusiva para passageiros;
- Ponto de apoio exclusivo na beira da praia; - Alimentação: 🤩🙌🏻
- 3 cafés da manhã (padrão colonial);
- 2 almoços (buffet executivo)
- 2 jantares, buffet executivo (na segunda janta com RODÍZIO DE PIZZA liberado pra galera 🍕😋); 💃 Agora uma das MELHORES partes🕺 - SETE festas:
- Atrações nacionais;
- 2 pré baladas;
- Pool Party; = festa na piscina 🏊🏻‍♀🎉
- Festa no Barco Pirata;
- Festa das tintas;
- Festa à fantasia;
- Festa das cores;

1º Dia – Sexta-Feira 06/12

22:30 - Apresentação dos Passageiros;
23:00 - Início da Viagem.

2º Dia – Sábado 07/12

07h – Chegada no hotel e reunião geral para orientações e informativos do roteiro; 08h – Café da manhã;
11h – Passeio de Barco Pirata;
14h – Almoço;
15h – Festa das Cores;
19h – Jantar;
22h – Pré-balada;
23h – Festa a Fantasia. null

3º dia – Domingo 08/12

08h – Café da manhã;
11h – Atividades na Praia;
13h - Almoço;
16h – Pool Party no hotel;
19h – Jantar;
22h – Pré-balada;
23h – Festa das Tintas.

4º dia – Segunda-Feira 09/12

08h – Café da manhã
11h – Check-out (Saída do Hotel)
13h – Parada para almoço;
15h – Início da viagem de retorno
22h – Horário previsto de chegada no mesmo local de embarque

Region 3. Africa and Middle East 

Zone 11: Northern Africa

Algerian Psychiatric Association Egyptian Psychiatric Association Libyan Association of Psychiatry, Neurology and Neurosurgery Moroccan Society of Psychiatry Sudanese Association of Psychiatrists Tunisian Society of Psychiatry

Zone 12: Middle East

Arab Gulf Psychiatric Association Emirates Society of Mental Health (formerly: Emirates Psychiatric Society) Iraqi Society of Psychiatrists Jordan Association of Psychiatrists Kuwait Psychiatric Association Lebanese Psychiatric Society Palestinian Psychiatric Association Saudi Psychiatric Association Syrian Arab Association of Psychiatrists Yemen Psychiatrists & Neurologists Association

Zone 13: Central and Western Africa

Ghana Psychiatric Association Association of Psychiatrists in Nigeria Society of Psychopathology and Mental Hygiene of Dakar (Senegal)

Zone 14: Eastern and Southern Africa

Botswana Psychiatric Association Ethiopian Psychiatric Association (Zone 11 to 14 – GA Berlin 2017) Kenya Psychiatric Association Mauritius Psychiatric Association Mozambican Association of Psychiatry and Mental Health South African Society of Psychiatrists (SASOP) Uganda Psychiatric Association Zimbabwe College of Psychiatrists (Ad-Hoc) Zambia Psychiatric Association (Ad-Hoc)

Region 4. Asia and Australasia

Zone 15: Central and Western Asia

Afghanistan National Psychiatrist Association (ANPA)

Iranian Psychiatric Association

Pakistan Psychiatric Society

Zone 16: Southern Asia

Bangladesh Association of Psychiatrists Indian Association for Social Psychiatry Indian Psychiatric Society Indonesian Psychiatric Association Malaysian Psychiatric Association Myanmar Medico-Psychological Society Psychiatrists’ Association of Nepal Philippine Psychiatric Association Singapore Psychiatric Association Sri Lanka College of Psychiatrists The Psychiatric Association of Thailand

Zone 17: Eastern Asia

Mental Health Association of Cambodia (MHAC) Chinese Society of Psychiatry The Hong-Kong College of Psychiatrists (China) The Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology Korean Neuropsychiatric Association Mongolian Mental Health Association Taiwanese Society of Psychiatry

Zone 18: Australasia and the South Pacific

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Papua New Guinea Psychiatric Association

About WPA
The WPA is the global association representing 140 psychiatric societies in 120 countries, and bringing together more than 250,000 psychiatrists.  It promotes collaborative work in psychiatry through its 70+ scientific sections, education programs, publications and events. 
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