Executive Committee Election Results

WPA Executive Committee Election Results

Returning visitors to this page may note that the number of votes attributed to each candidate has changed since initial publication.  This is due to an earlier processing error that incorrectly included test votes in the final results.  All test votes have  been removed and the accurate number of votes is now shown.  We apologise for any inconvenience this error may have caused.

Results of Elections for all open Executive Committee positions shown in order below.  Click the category to see a breakdown of results.  Biographies also available for all elected candidates.

President Elect


Danuta Wasserman

527 Votes


Roy Abraham Kallivayalil

203 Votes

Mrugesh Vaishnav

109 Votes


Secretary General

Petr Morozov

1047 Votes


Secretary for Finances

Paul Summergrad

490 Votes


Zvi Zemishlany

282 Votes

Thomas Frodl

187 Votes


157 Votes


Secretary for Scientific Meetings

Edmond Pi

332 Votes


David Ndetei

228 Votes

Nahla Nagy

225 Votes

Isabella Heuser-Collier

192 Votes

Indira Sharma

140 Votes