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All webinars from "WPA 2022 Webinar Series" are now available on the WPA Education Portal

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

WPA EC and Council Members

Through its Education Portal, WPA seeks to enhance education and training opportunities for psychiatrists, health professionals, students of relevant specialties, service users and carers all over the world.

During 2022, WPA has been running a series of webinars coving a variety of subjects including various areas of Schizophrenia, Lewy Body and Vascular Dementias, Depression, Panic Disorders and the War in Europe.

Each webinar was delivered live and recorded so it could be viewed after the event via the portal.

WPA would like to thank all who shared their time, knowledge, expertise and experience to make this series possible through presenting, moderating and hosting.

Each webinar can be viewed via the following links:

Webinar 1: Management of Schizophrenia - Part 1 (28 December 2021)

Webinar 2: Recent Advances in Bipolar Disorder Treatment (28 March 2022)

Webinar 3: Advances in Pharmacological Treatment (25 April 2022)

Webinar 4: Update on Vascular Cognitive Impairment and Lewy Body Dementia (4 May 2022)

Webinar 5: Schizophrenia (16 May 2022)

Webinar 6: Schizophrenia Clinical Trials - what they tell us? (27th May 2022)