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Now available on Education Portal - Telepsychiatry - WPA's first course in Online Learning Program

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Following on from the successful live event two weeks' ago, the first course to be delivered as part of WPA's World Congress of Psychiatry (WCP) Online Learning Program is now available on the Education Portal.

The course, Telepsychiatry, is made up of three modules.

The first module, delivered by Course Director Dr Davor Mucic, focuses on the history, attitudes, advantages and disadvantages of telepsychiatry. The second, presented by Dr Jay Shore, covers how to set up a successful telepsychiatry service. The third, presented by Dr Don Hilty, discusses evidence base and best practices.

During the course, participants will learn that while remote consultations may seem simple enough, they come with a range of issues that need to be properly addressed if they are to be truly effective.

Questions covered include:

• How should the room and video equipment be set up?

• What are some of the ethical, cultural and communication considerations when working online?

• Does the approach need to be varied depending on the setting?

• What are some of the legal, regulatory and technological issues that might apply?

This course addresses these questions and more. Furthermore, portal users can listen to the Q&A session that took place during the live event for even more information. A list of recommended readings is also included to complement and build on the learnings from the course.

Three additional courses were also delivered as part of the WCP Online Learning Program during the Congress. These will be available soon on the WPA Education Portal.

Access the Telepsychiatry course HERE

Author: WPA Education Coordinator


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