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New "Medical Students' Wellbeing" Education Module - Now Available on WPA Education Portal

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

A new education module on "Medical Students' Wellbeing" is now available on the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Education Portal.

This interactive course aims to cultivate a culture of self-care among medical students and to provide information, strategies and resources for wellness, as an essential part of their undergraduate life.

The course is developed on behalf of the WPA Working Group on Medical Students. Faculty members and medical students from Pakistan and Canada collaborated on this project.

WPA Working Group members include: Professor Muhammad Waqar Azeem (Chair- Qatar), Professor Howard Liu (Co-chair-Nebraska, USA), Professor Bernardo Ng (San-Diego), Professor Mohan Isaac (Australia), Professor P.K. Dalal (India), Dr. Khalid Bazaid (Canada) & Professor Dr Nazish Imran(Pakistan).

This interactive course is the first among a three-part series focussed on medical students.

The series will be made up of three modules:

Module 1 Medical Students Wellbeing and Selfcare

Module 2 Stigma in Psychiatry

Module 3 Psychiatry 101 - What is Psychiatry? - Different aspects and opportunities in Psychiatry. - Why students should choose this important area of medicine.

The addition of these modules to the Education Portal continues to demonstrate WPA’s commitment to the 2020-2023 Action Plan’s focus on consolidating psychiatry as an inspiring branch of medicine.

To access the Medical Students’ Wellbeing Education Module please visit the Education Module.

For any queries relating to this education module or the WPA Education Portal in general, please contact

Author: WPA Education Coordinator



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