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New “Transcultural Psychiatry and Mental Health" module is now available on the WPA Education Portal

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

The new “Transcultural Psychiatry and Mental Health of Forcibly Displaced People, Refugees and Migrants” module is now available on the WPA Education Portal

In these uncertain times, the mental health of migrants, refugees and forcibly displaced people is of serious concern. Many countries have seen increasing refugee populations and asylum applications over the past decade. Forcibly displaced persons are known to be at higher risk of developing mental disorders and are in need of specific care. Therefore, specific training for mental health professionals is both recommended and needed.

Practical skills training on transcultural competencies, post-traumatic stress disorder, and trauma management to care for refugees with confidence is currently not sufficient or wide-spread enough. This online educational resource aims to fill part of this gap and covers an introduction to transcultural psychiatry; its impact on culture; the cultural concept of distress; DSM-5 and ICD-11; cultural competences and the mental health of forcibly displaced people, refugees and migrants.

The Working Group on Providing Mental Health for Migrants and Refugees developed this education module. The working group members are: Marianne Kastrup (MD PhD Denmark), Levent Küey (A/Prof MD PhD Turkey), Roberto Lewis-Fernández (Prof MD MTS USA), Harry Minas (A/Prof MBB FRANZCP Australia), Solomon Rataemane (Prof MD PhD South Africa), Hans Rohlof (MD PhD Netherlands) and Meryam Schouler-Ocak (Prof Dr med Germany) (Chair).

For the nominal fee of USD $15, it is also possible to purchase the WPA CPD Certificate and associated CPD points for completing this course via the WPA's Education Portal.

For any queries relating to this education module or the WPA Education Portal in general, please contact

Author: WPA Education Coordinator


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