Russian Society of Psychiatrists, International conference in Tbilisi (Georgia)

April 26, 2018 in Tbilisi (Georgia), the international conference "Modern Trends in the Development of Psychiatry" was held, dedicated to the memory of the first president of the Georgian Society of Psychiatrists Professor Sh. A. Gamkrelidze. 

A large delegation of colleagues from various scientific and educational institutions of Russia, headed by the vice-president of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists, Professor P.V. Morozov, came to visit Georgian psychiatrists. It is important to note that despite the absence of diplomatic relations between countries, such joint scientific conferences have become regular. Guests were welcomed by the representative of the WPA for Eastern Europe, Prof. O.Skugarevsky (Belarus)  and President of the Georgian Society of Psychiatrists prof. E. Chkonia, who spoke about psychiatric education in Georgia. The report "Training projects in modern world practice" was presented by Professor Peter V. Morozov, about the needs to change educational programs in psychiatry spoke prof. Alexei E. Bobrov. The next day a delegation of Russian psychiatrists visited the Tbilisi’s city psychiatric hospital. Colleagues from Azerbaijan also took part in the conference. 

Peter V  Morozov Vice- President

Group photo of delegates attending the Tbilisi Congress

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