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Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society Responds to Coronavirus

As they face the unprecedented Coronavirus Pandemic, members of the Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society are working uninterrupted to serve the official institutions and organizations with which they are affiliated. From patient assessment and interventions at special COVID-19 units of the hospitals to the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatry and neurology patients in outpatient and inpatient clinics, their work continues both face-to-face and also via the online psychiatric services. Online educational activities are also being implemented uninterrupted in universities.

Members of the Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society also contribute to community work in line with the needs and demands of both local governmental and/ or non-governmental organizations. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ejder Akgün Yıldırım, who is a former member of the Executive Committee of the Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society, an online psychiatric support service has been organized for healthcare workers who experience psychological distress as a result of COVID-19 healthcare-related burden. The service is

given within the Psychotherapy Unit of Bakirkoy Training and Research Hospital for Psychiatry Neurology and Neurosurgery and also in cooperation with Turkish Ministry of Health.

The Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society is also organizing two online meetings (live sessions) to address two important aspects of COVID-19. The first will focus on the psychological burden of COVID-19 on healthcare professionals, while the second will consider the neuropsychiatric aspects of COVID-19.

The first meeting “Psychological burden of healthcare professionals in the COVID-19 Pandemic” will take place on 30 April 2020 and is designed for healthcare professionals. In this meeting, Dr. İlker Küçükparlak will present the experiences of the Turkish Psychiatric Association in supporting healthcare professionals during the outbreak. Prof. Dr. Serhan Tuğlular and Prof. Dr. Neşe Tuncer will share their clinical experiences with COVID-19 outpatient and inpatient practices. Prof. Dr. Ejder Yıldırım will share the experiences of their organization including the online psychiatric support service for healthcare workers which was mentioned above. Prof. Dr. Peykan Gökalp will chair the session.

The second meeting will also be a live-session focused on the different presentations of the COVID-19 disease including the neuropsychiatric aspects. The topics discussed will be based on recent literature and clinical observations.

The Society hopes the COVID-19 pandemic – one of the most important crises of the 21st century – can be overcome with minimal loss for the people all over the world and also for healthcare workers.


M. Sıla Yazar, Secretary General of Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society

Sera Yiğiter Çetingök, Treasurer of Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society


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