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Update from Royal College of Psychiatrists

Choose Psychiatry

7 June 2018 saw the launch of the second phase of the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ #ChoosePsychiatry campaign. This has come at great time as recent statistics from Health Education England show there's nearly a 30% rise in the number of doctors opting to train in psychiatry since 2013. We think that's worth celebrating.

Sadly, we can’t prove that this rise in recruitment is a direct result of our ongoing campaign and activity at the College. However, we do know that in addition to our ongoing careers activities, the support of high profile ambassadors has really helped destigmatise working in mental health and elevate psychiatry as a profession.

This time round we are appealing to those who might be applying for the February 2019 intake and we have acknowledged the new CAMHS run through on offer which is proving to be popular and as a result we have included a children's storyline into our existing film.

We are posting our video content predominantly through social media asking interested doctors to sign up to our Choose Psychiatry newsletter where we tell them a little more about the specialties and the bonus of working in such a diverse field. Join in using #ChoosePsychiatry



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