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WPA Endorses Manifesto to Secure a Healthy Planet for All

WPA has joined with other global public and environmental health organisations in backing the Interaction Council’s Manifesto to Secure a Healthy Planet for All. The Council (a group of former heads of government and world leaders) and its endorsing partners – including the WPA – is now working to identify next steps in delivering on the ambitions outlined in the Manifesto which was launched 31 July 2019 at a high level event in London.

The Manifesto calls for emergency action to urgently stabilise the risks from runaway climate change. With a vision " To Secure a Healthy Planet now and for the Well-Being of Future Generations", the Manifesto urges governments "to place the health of the planet and the well-being of current and future generations at the heart of decision making". It was developed in response to the increasing international and United Nations evidence and understanding of the severity of our global climate and environmental crisis and builds upon collaborative action to advance the InterAction Council's Dublin Charter, endorsed at its Plenary Session in 2017.

Five action points focus on recovery, guardianship, collaboration and promotion of a "flourishing planet for all" with the Manifesto calling for "courageous leadership to take crucial decisions and actions to secure... the very existence of human civilization."

The Manifesto is available on the Interaction Council website.



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