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Bangla Kamasutra




Kama sutra position name means "position of love" in Sanskrit and also one of the main Kama Sutra. Sankhayan, Santikalpa, Ekagra, Vatsalya, Nidra, Viraajan and Astikalpa are among the positions which are most popular in ancient Indian scriptures. According to this Indian sex position it is recommended for sexual satisfaction of the couple during sadhana and tantric practices. Kama sutra kamasutra massage positions and movements are based on the 'dance of the thousand-limbed siddha' 'Tantric dance'. The sexual positions and movements are designed and often based on the shape and functions of a couple's body and that of the environment in which they are set. The practice of the "Kamasutra" in the arts and the use of such positions in dance is a very popular one, and is, in fact, a major concern in India's development. The Kama Sutra is one of the best-known and most translated of the classic Indian texts, and some believe that the Kama Sutra is the most influential of all the ancient Indian texts. However, the Hindu Kama Sutra is a complex text: modern Western readers are often confused as to the differences between the different sections and the meanings of various terms. A major part of the text is devoted to describing nearly 100 different sex positions, and instructions on how to perform them. Other than the positions, the text is also focused on the mental aspects of sex, and how to prolong sexual pleasure to ensure that sexual acts can be performed even after the excitement of the first few times has subsided. Despite its popularity as a sex manual, the Kama Sutra also has a spiritual aspect. Many modern Hindus are not familiar with the basic principles of tantric sex, but they can easily learn about them by studying the Kama Sutra. This is because the Kama Sutra is composed of a variety of different teachings on the basic principles of yoga. Tantra was the first to reveal the true teachings of the yogi and is the most popular school of Yoga. Each section of the Kama Sutra is meant to be studied separately and not as a whole. There is not much of an introductory chapter, so it is recommended that the reader begin with the first chapter, the Kama Sutra. This book deals with sexuality in the context of yoga and Indian thought. The basic principles



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Bangla Kamasutra

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