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The WPA works with its members, trusted partners and service users and family carers from around the world to promote mental health and to encourage the highest possible standards of clinical practice and ethical behaviour in psychiatry.

WPA Members

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Service Users and Family Carers

The association works to disseminate knowledge about evidence-based therapy and values-based practice; to be a voice for the dignity and human rights of patients and their families; and to uphold the rights of psychiatrists where they may be challenged.  Most importantly, it acts to facilitate communication and provide assistance to societies who are isolated or whose members work in impoverished circumstances.







International Federation of Journalists

About WPA
The WPA is the global association representing 145 psychiatric societies in 121 countries, and bringing together more than 250,000 psychiatrists.  It promotes collaborative work in psychiatry through its 70+ scientific sections, education programs, publications and events. 
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