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Affective Disorders

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Affective Disorders including depression, bipolar disorders and other mood dysregulation conditions are common with a lifetime prevalence about 5-7%. Affective disorders are early onset and mostly disabling psychiatric conditions with recurrent mood episodes. High rates of other comorbid psychiatric disorders in affective disorders increase the burden of the disease in many countries.


With this background, The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Affective Disorders Section aims to establish international collaboration between psychiatrists all over the world in educational activities, multi centered studies and excellence in clinical care of patients with affective disorders to improve the quality and satisfaction of their life.


The Section with a growing number of members from different countries interested in affective disorders is planing to organize educational activities for early career psychiatrists and trainees, establish new research groups for future multi-center collaborative research and prepare treatment guidelines for clinicians.


For further information and to contact the Affective Disorders Section, please e-mail:

If you would like to join this Section, please fill out the joining form here.

Section Officers



Kürşat Altınbaş

Address: Selçuk University Mazhar Osman Mood Center, Department of Psychiatry, Turkey




Marin Veldic

Address: Mayo Clinic, Department of Psychiatry, Rochester MN, USA




Yoji Hirano

Address: Miyazaki University, Department of Psychiatry, Japan


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