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Biological Psychiatry

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Analyzing Scans


The overarching goal of our section is to promote biological psychiatry to improve patient care by optimising a bio-psycho-social approach for the care and treatment of patients by strengthening the role of Neuroscience in psychiatry through the following:

  • Education through WPA meetings and other WPA venues

  • Organising presentations and symposia on biological psychiatry to WPA Congresses

  • Contributing to presentations on biological psychiatry in other pertinent professional conferences, including regional and thematic meetings.

  • Promoting publications on biological psychiatry in academic and professional journals - Promoting collaborative international research on key aspects of biological psychiatry.

  • Improve the visibility of the section on Biological Psychiatry within the WPA by interacting with other sections and organising intersectional symposia

  • Collaborating on the promotion of bio-psycho-social psychiatry with pertinent professional and academic organisations with an emphasis on person-and people-centred care



Thomas Frodl 

Professor of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy,
Dept. of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy,
Hospital and outpatient clinics for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University Hospital,
Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg,
Leipzigerstr. 44,
39120 Magdeburg,


Section on Biological Psychiatry - Helen

Helen Louise Millar

Address: NHS Tayside, The Carseview Centre, 
4 Tom McDonald Ave, Dundee DD2 1NH, 
Scotland UK


Section on Biological Psychiatry - Ihsan

Ihsan Salloum

Address: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, 
1120 N.W. 14th Street, Suite1400, Miami, Florida 33136, 
United States of America
Phone: +1 305 243 7931 
Fax: +1 305 243 1682

Section Officers

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