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Continuation Work

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Continuation and Completion of previous Action Plans Work

Each triennium, and in addition to WPA's overarching goals and the ongoing work of its various components, a number of projects and programs are initiated by the incoming President to support their Action Plan.  

The 2017-2020 term focused on:

  • WPA's contribution internationally to the representation, reputation, development and knowledge of psychiatry;

  • The development of operational, project-based work that focuses on critical mental health topics at a global level; and

  • Attracting new investment to support WPA's work, especially through partnerships and other relationships with organisations that share its objectives.


These three key objectives were realised through a number of programs and initiatives, some of which are highlighted below, all of which will continue development under the 2021-2023 Action Plan.  Two of the below programs (those highlighted in red) have been given particular focus in 2021-2023 term through dedicated Working Groups to build on the great work that was achieved in the previous triennium. 


Click on the links below to read more.

  1. WPA Service Users and Family Carers’ Advisory Group

  2. WPA Program on Supporting Alternatives to Coercion in Mental Health Care

  3. The Lancet-WPA Commission on Depression

  4. WPA Website Upgrade

  5. WPA Education Portal

  6. WPA-citiesRISE Program

  7. WPA Meetings Program

  8. Advisory Committee on Response to Emergencies (ACRE)

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