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WCP Online Learning Program: Course Schedule Postponed

Like so many organisations around the globe, a reduction in income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic means that WPA has had to make the difficult decision to postpone this program for the immediate future.  We are working diligently to find alternative funding for this important educational series and hope to have it back up and running – even if in a slightly different format – as soon as we can.  Watch this space!



WEEK: 22-26 Feb 2021

Course Director

Dr. Davor Mucic


Principles of supportive psychotherapy

WEEK: 22 April 2021

Course Director

Dr. Cesar Alfonso

Available Soon!
Ready to Get Published

Preparing and publishing papers (basic)

WEEK: 10-14 May 2021

Course Director

Dr. Rajiv Tandon

Reviewing CVs

Preparing and reviewing scientific papers (advanced)

WEEK: 7-11 Jun 2021

Course Director

Dr. Joan Marsh

Old Asian Man

Treatment of depression in old age

WEEK: 12-16 Jul 2021

Course Director

Dr. Charles Reynolds

Hospital Corridor

Management of psychiatric institutions

WEEK: 9-13 Aug 2021

Course Directors

Prof. John Allan and Prof. Richard Newton

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Responding to needs of women affected by IPV and sexual violence

WEEK: 6-10 Sept 2021

Course Director

Dr. Marta Rondon

Image by Hollie Santos

Perinatal mental health care

WEEK: 11-15 Oct 2021

Course Directors

Dr. Prabha Chandra and Prof. Jane Fisher


The International Classification of diseases

WEEK: 8-12 Nov 2021

Course Directors

Dr. Geoffrey Reed, Dr. Kathleen Pike, and Prof Wolfgang Gaebel

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