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The Epidemiology and Public Health Section has a long history of high calibre exchange of expertise in the field of research by putting together experts from all over the world, who encourage and share information with the younger members. Many of today’s leaders in psychiatric epidemiology have themselves benefited from this exchange themselves. The global outreach of the WPA has rendered this section truly exceptional since its members are locally active in their respective countries and regions thus offering a truly international perspective of epidemiology and public health.

Section Officers


Elie G. Karam 

Professor and Head Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology : 
St Georges Hospital University Medical Center and Balamand University Faculty of Medicine - Beyrut Lebanon    


Norito Kawakami

Professor Department of Mental Health,
School of Public Health,
The University of Tokyo

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19th Congress of the WPA Epidemiology and Public Health Section

Theme: Learning from Diversity Across the World: Implications for Psychiatric Epidemiology

Where: Marrakech, Morocco

Date: 12-14 October 2022


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Upcoming Section Events

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