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Literature and Mental Health

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Reading with Coffee


Our Section was founded by Professors Ahmad Mohit and Yves Thoret (1938-2020) during the 2006 WPA International Congress that took place in Istanbul. This encounter was, in the view of many, one of WPA's most successful. It is well known that writers know the human soul better than psychiatrists and that they are also capable of transmitting with eloquence and clarity the suffering and enjoyment of characters affected by a mental illness.


From our Foundation we have actively participated in all WPA congresses addressing authors such as Juan Rulfo, Yves Bonnefoy, Agustín Yáñez, William Shakespeare, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Fernando Pessoa and others from different countries such as Iran, Japan, Russia and Eastern Europe. In all our symposia we have shown the intimate connection of literature with psychiatry. We invite all WPA colleagues to join our section and enrich it with their particular approaches. 

Section Officers



Dr. Sergio Villaseñor Bayardo (Mexico)

Miranda 1787 Colomos Providencia,
Jalisco, México. C.P. 44660

Phone: +52 3336139877



Dr. Ekaterina SUKHANOVA, (New York, USA)

CUNY Central,
205 E 42nd St. #940, NY
NY 10017 USA

Phone: 1 646 664 8054
Fax: 1 646 664 2957



Dr. Claudia Lorena CASTELLANOS MEDINA (Mexico)

La cauda 977
Jardines del Bosque
Guadalajara Jalisco C. P. 44520 

Phone: + 52 33 227 971 41 

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