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Military Psychiatry is one of the subcategories of Psychiatry that covers specific aspects of mental health within the military context. It encompasses preventive measures, treatment, and research. Preventive measures are evidence-based interventions to optimize the readiness and resilience of serving personnel across the deployment cycle (e.g. alcohol awareness, sleep hygiene, stress management, anger management, grounding technique etc).


Emergency psychiatric treatment is delivered during war time usually on-site (e.g. psychological first aid, initial psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatment etc.) with the aim to reduce the prevalence of psychiatric morbidity within the military context. Treatment in peacetime focus on screening, diagnosing, and treating patients that may be current or retired military personnel and their families. Research in the field of military psychiatry provides better insight in mental health issues within the military context and the basis for improvement of the existing interventions.

Section officers


Georgios Pagkalos - SECRETARY.jpg

Georgios Pagkalos

Address: Military Community Mental Health Center,
Department of Psychiatry, 
424 Military Hospital of Thessaloniki, 
Karolou Dil 25, 54623 Thessaloniki, 
E-mail: georgiospagkalos@gmail.com


Address: Department of Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine,
Faculty of Medicine University of Rijeka,
Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka,
Referral Center for PTSD of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia,
Mihanovićeva 1,
51000, Rijeka,
E-mail: marinalc@medri.uniri.hr





Kristina Adorjan

Address: Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy,
LMU Klinikum,
Nussbaumstr. 7,
80336, Munich,
E-mail: kristina.adorjan@med.uni-muenchen.de

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Military Psychiatry

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