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Alternatives to Coercion "5 top tips for implementing alternative to coercion” webinar released

Alternatives to Coercion "5 top tips for implementing alternative to coercion” webinar is now available on the WPA Education Portal

The ‘Alternatives to Coercion "5 top tips for implementing alternative to coercion” webinar took place on Wednesday 6th September 2023 and is now available to view on the WPA Education Portal.

Presented by members of both the WPA Alternatives to Coercion Working Group and the WPA Service Users and Carers Working Group, five panellists from different settings each respond to the question: What was the most important thing you have learned about how to implement alternatives to coercion?’ The speakers draw from their own experience, including practical examples of how alternatives to coercion are being implemented in four countries. The panellists cover a broad range of topics about influencing and achieving change at the national, regional, service and individual level including the vital role that service users and families can play.

A recording of the webinar is now available for viewing on WPA’s Education Portal here.

Those who view the webinars will be able to download the WPA CPD Certificate and associated CPD points for each webinar via the WPA's Education Portal.

For any queries relating to this education module or the WPA Education Portal in general, please contact

Author: WPA Education Coordinator


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