Be Ready: WHO urges people to "turn anxiety into action" to slow spread of COVID-19

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is urging people to "Be Ready" for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) by following simple recommendations to help slow its spread. Specifically, it is telling people to:

  • Be SAFE from Coronavirus by washing their hands more. It is also encouraging businesses to promote teleworking where possible.

  • Be SMART and inform themselves about it. As well as inviting people to visit its website daily for updates, it is asking journalists to report responsibly to challenge stigma and to share accurate information that protects peoples' health.

  • Be KIND and show empathy for / solidarity with anyone affected. Share facts and avoid hyperbole.

As well as the dedicated space on its website where it provides daily updates on COVID-19, the WHO has also embarked on a twitter campaign in an effort to "mobilise global action". Using the hashtags #coronavirus and #COVID19, it will share the latest advice to keep people safe, reassured and informed by providing helpful, action-driven information.

Follow @who on Twitter or visit the WHO website for the latest information (including travel advice).

Author: WPA Secretariat

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