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Call for donations to supply medications for mentally ill patients in Ukraine

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Call for donations to supply medications for mentally ill patients in Ukraine as part of the WPA Humanitarian Support Programme to Ukraine

As all of us are aware of the distressing situation in Ukraine and the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) has very clearly expressed our profound concern and support for the people of Ukraine and for our dear colleagues in the WPA Ukrainian psychiatric associations. Like most of the people of the world, we are deeply worried about the wellbeing of Ukrainians during this conflict, and the consequences of war.

Reflecting WPA’s long opposition to non-defensive military activities and being mindful of the recent statements of various health and welfare organisations as well as the vote of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) condemning the invasion of Ukraine, WPA Executive Committee issued a statement that can be read in full here.

WPA firmly believe that while we continue condemning the conflict and war in the region, our membership can do more in terms of overcoming the adverse impacts of war for those who are already suffering from mental health problems and specifically psychiatric patients. Critically, medications are in short supply in Ukrainian psychiatric hospitals and other non-medical programmes.

Therefore, the WPA has decided to collect donations in order to supply medications in Ukraine. This can be done either by using our "Donate Now" button or through a bank transfer. Please click here to view our bank details and "Donate Now" button.

The WPA Advisory Committee on Response to Emergencies (ACRE) established a sub-committee to plan and implement support programme for our Ukrainian membership and other neighbouring countries to help during this crisis. This sub-committee is chaired by

Prof. Danuta Wasserman (WPA President Elect) who established collaboration with other professional organisations for preparing further humanitarian activities.

We will also engage and work with our member societies and other international organisations to support humanitarian work and ensure that WPA is vocal and visible, not only in highlighting the consequences of crisis, trauma, and conflict on mental health, but also following practical measures to help mental health professionals as well.

You will be continuously informed about the activities of this Humanitarian support programme to Ukraine.

WPA thanks you in advance for your support.

Author: Afzal Javed, President, WPA


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Невідомий учасник
29 груд. 2023 р.

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