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Free TRAIN the TRAINER Online WORKSHOP: Registration now OPEN

Free TRAIN the TRAINER Online WORKSHOP: Learning Together & Exchanging Experiences II 27.03.2021 II Registration Now Open

As part of the World Psychiatric Association’s ongoing efforts to connect professionals from around the world and learn from one another, it is our pleasure to invite you to the ‘Train the trainer’ online workshop to take place on 27 March 2021, from 2pm till 6:30 pm UTC/GMT time zone (London, UK).

Organized by the Education Section of the World Psychiatric Association, the workshop is designed to bring together colleagues with an interest in medical education in the psychosocial field. We hope that it will give the participants an opportunity to discuss their experiences in the field and share their vision for the future of education in psychiatry and psychotherapy.

The Faculty for the workshop will include the president of the World Psychiatric Association, Professor Dr. A. Javed and Professor N. Sartorius among other highly respected experts. The discussion will be moderated by Dr. F. Baessler and Prof. Dr. B. Coskun. The workshop promises to offer an engaging and sociable space, where colleagues can meet and exchange their expertise and ideas about education in psychiatry and psychotherapy. It will have an interactive framework, giving participants a chance to present their work and vision and learn from the experiences of others. It will also introduce an innovative ‘speed dating’ component; providing opportunities and space for a collegial conversation between the Faculty and those newer to the field.

Remember, the date is 27 March 2021, from 2pm to 6:30pm UTC/GMT. We hope you accept this invitation to participate in what promises to be a stimulating and enriching experience. The workshop is open to professionals worldwide. No registration fee will be charged and all participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


Please send an email expressing your interest to: and you will receive the program and further information in return. Registrations close 14 March 2021 - or earlier if the course fills quickly. Don't miss out - with only a limited number of places available, we encourage you to contact us today!

We look forward to be meeting you!

Fran Baessler, Bulent Coskun, Rodrigo Ramalho, Hussien Elkholy, Mariana Pinto da Costa, Gaia Sampogna, Hasanen Al-Taiar and Andrea Fiorillo on behalf of the Section on Education.



Unknown member
Dec 19, 2023

The announcement of a free "Train the Trainer" online workshop is an exciting opportunity for fitness enthusiasts and aspiring personal trainers alike. The inclusion of boxing in this workshop adds a dynamic element, showcasing the versatility and effectiveness of incorporating such training methods. For those engaged in personal training or looking to enhance their skills, workshops like these are invaluable, offering insights, techniques, and a chance to connect with like-minded individuals. Platforms like Train With Us play a crucial role in providing accessible and quality educational resources for trainers, contributing to the ongoing professional development within the fitness community. It's a fantastic initiative, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and collaboration in the ever-evolving field of personal trainin


Dewanto Andoko
Dewanto Andoko
Mar 13, 2021

Looking forward to learn and hear from colleagues around the worl

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