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Geneva Prize for Human Rights in Psychiatry Celebrates 25 Years of Advocacy and Progress

The Foundation Geneva Prize Opens Nominations for the 2024 Prize

In 1998, the Geneva Prize Foundation was established in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland, with a mission that resonated with the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As the Foundation marks its 25th year, it continues to be a beacon for the promotion of equity, humanity, and the safeguarding of human rights in the treatment of individuals with mental illness.

The prestigious Geneva Prize, awarded every three years, recognises the exceptional efforts of individuals or associations that have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the cause. Supported by the Swiss Federation of Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists and the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the Prize ceremonies have been hosted by the WPA World Congresses of Psychiatry since 2008.

Over the years, the Geneva Prize has celebrated a diverse array of laureates, each contributing significantly to the advancement of human rights in psychiatry.

As the Geneva Prize Foundation enters its 25th year, it remains dedicated to fostering a global community that champions the rights and dignity of individuals facing mental health challenges. The Prize continues to inspire change, honouring those who exemplify the principles of equity, compassion, and respect for human rights in psychiatry.

The Foundation is now accepting nominations for the next Geneva Prize

Nominations can be made by individuals, institutions, NGOs, or associations, emphasising the commitment to inclusivity by encouraging applications from both male and female candidates.

Notably, self-nominations or applications are not acceptable, reinforcing the Foundation's commitment to acknowledging the efforts of those nominated by their peers.

Submission deadline for next Prize: 31 March 2024

For more information on the nomination process and eligibility criteria, interested parties are encouraged to visit the Foundation's official website at or contact François Ferrero via email at

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The Geneva Prize for Human Rights in Psychiatry commemorates a quarter of a century of dedicated advocacy and honors those in the field who promote human rights. This milestone demonstrates a steadfast dedication to advancing mental health practices with an emphasis on humane and ethical care.

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Apr 19

Congratulations to the Geneva Prize for Human Rights in Psychiatry on its remarkable milestone of 25 years! This significant anniversary is a testament to the tireless dedication and unwavering commitment of the organization to advocate for the rights and dignity of individuals in the field of psychiatry. By recognizing and honoring those who champion human rights within this critical sphere, the Geneva Prize has undoubtedly contributed to meaningful progress and positive change. Here's to another 25 years of advocacy, empowerment, and transformation in the pursuit of human rights for all! hill climb racing


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