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In Memoriam: Dr. Wilfredo De Jesús Pérez Delgado. MD (1967-2020)

It is with great sadness that the WPA announces the sudden passing of Dr Wilfredo Pérez, President of the Venezuelan Psychiatric Association (VPA) and valued contributor to the WPA. He served both organizations with great commitment, and his loss is felt particularly strongly among the psychiatric communities of Venezuela and Latin America.

Dr Wilfredo Pérez

As a colleague, Dr. Pérez is remembered as a great human being – generous and empathetic. As a Professor, he is remembered for his commitment to psychiatry both as an academic and a professional. Dr. Pérez graduated as a psychiatrist from the Central University of Venezuela, where he was also spent his later years as a Professor. He developed an outstanding professional career as a forensic psychiatrist, after having graduated with a master's degree in forensic science from the University of La Plata, Argentina.

“We are very sorry to hear of the sudden death of Dr. Pérez,” said WPA President, Professor Helen Herrman AO, “we offer our sincere condolences not only to his colleagues and the psychiatric community of Latin America, but especially to his family and friends for whom we recognise this great loss.”

Prof Helen Herrman AO, WPA President, Australia

Prof Afzal Javed, WPA President-Elect, UK

Prof Roy Abraham Kallivayalil, WPA Secretary General, India

Prof Silvia Gaviria Arbeláez, WPA Zonal Representative-Zone-4

Dr Petra Aponte, General Secretary, Venezuelan Psychiatric Association


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07 de set. de 2021

Hecho de menos al Dr. Wilfredo De Jesús Pérez Delgado. Una vez comentamos que eramos del mismo pais Bolivariano, solo dividido por un limite ficticio. Ojala hayan millones que piensen igual.

Eduardo R Vasquez


Mrugesh Vaishnav
Mrugesh Vaishnav
24 de jul. de 2020

It is indeed very shocking news for the psychiatric fraternity all over the world.

Dr Wilfredo Pérez, President of the Venezuelan Psychiatric Association (VPA) and valued contributor to the WPA was also a noble human-being. What ever brief interaction I have with him, I have always found him very kind and courteous. His sad and untimely demise will be an irreparable loss to world psychiatric fraternity.

Ma the almighty give his family strength and courage to face this loss.

May his soul rest in peace.

Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav

Ex President Indian Psychiatry Society

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