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Lebak flood victims supported by Banten Branch of Indonesian Psychiatric Association

Flood victims in Lebak, Banten - a province close to the capital city of Jakarta - were recently provided much needed mental health and psychosocial support by psychiatrists from the Banten branch of the Indonesian Psychiatric Association.

Some 600 displaced people housed in refugee camps were aided by the team on January 12 and January 18, 2020. Women (including eight pregnant women), young children and the elderly were provided with relaxation training interventions; with the women and children also undergoing initial screening for mental disorders using the SRQ for adults and SDQ for children, and the elderly using the Geriatric Depression Scale.

This mental health and psychosocial support was especially important for the pregnant women in helping them to maintain a healthy pregnancy in light of their new reality and its associated pressures.

Author: Indonesian Psychiatric Association



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