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New Interim WPA Secretary General Appointed: Prof. Roger Man Kin Ng

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Prof. Roger Man Kin Ng

Following the sudden and unexpected passing of Professor Petr V. Morozov (World Psychiatric Association’s (WPA) Secretary General), the WPA Executive Committee (EC) were faced with selecting an interim replacement. Following the WPA EC Meeting on the 1st August in Bangkok, the WPA EC is pleased to announce the appointment of Prof. Roger Man Kin Ng as WPA’s new interim Secretary General.

Prof. Roger Ng will take on the responsibilities of WPA’s Secretary General until the next election that will take place at the General Assembly in September/October 2023. He will also continue in his current role as WPA’s Secretary for Education for the remainder of this triennium.

Prof. Roger Ng is a psychiatrist and a cognitive behavioural therapist by training. In addition to his current role as Secretary of Education for WPA, he is also the current Secretary of Training of the Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations, as well as the current President of Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists. He has had extensive administrative experiences in working on public mental health issues in Hong Kong and acts as mental health advisors for several major corporations in Hong Kong. He is also a visiting professor of psychiatry of Beijing Capital Medical University of Beijing in China, Central South University of Hunan Province in China as well as Chinese University of Hong Kong, China. He is on a number of editorial boards for multiple high-impact peer reviewed scientific journals of psychiatry and has published extensively on the topics of global psychiatric education and cognitive behavioural therapy.

"Even though this has come about under such circumstances, I am absolutely delighted to be appointed as the interim Secretary General of WPA,” Prof. Roger Ng said upon accepting the position. “I very much look forward to working with the staff, members and external stakeholders to promote and strengthen the crucial role of WPA.”

In his role as the Secretary-General, Prof. Ng will ensure that the Secretariat suitably supports the work of the WPA and EC, and he will liaise between the WPA board and committees to ensure members are kept informed of any important discussions and decisions. Prof. Ng will take office with immediate effect and report to WPA President, Prof. Afzal Javed.

Prof. Ng brings extensive experience and will be great asset in his role as WPA Secretary General,” said WPA President Prof. Afzal Javed. “I would like to thank Prof. Ng for accepting this position in addition to his current role and I very much appreciate his ongoing support and commitment to WPA.”

Please join us in congratulating Prof. Roger Ng in his new appointment.

Author: WPA



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