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Russian Society of Psychiatrists, Congress in Grodno (Belarus)

The delegation of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists in the composition of Prof. P.V. Morozov (Moscow), Prof. O.V.Limankin (St. Petersburg) and Prof. Yu.Shevchenko (Moscow) took part in the 5th Congress of Psychiatrists and Narcologists of the Republic of Belarus, held under the motto: "Modern psychiatry: challenges, realities, prospects". The congress was held May 17-18, 2018 on the basis of the regional clinical center "Psychiatry-Narcology" in the city of Grodno. Psychiatrists from Poland, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and the United States also took part in the congress. 

Vice-President of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists, Prof. P.V. Morozov, presented a report on the current problems of the cultural psychopathology of depression, Prof. O.V.Limankin devoted his presentation to the issues of socially oriented psychiatry in Russia, Prof. Yu.Shevchenko held a meeting of the section on child and adolescent psychiatry, and also made a presentation "Teenage Initiation: Traditions, Modernity, Pathology". 

The reports were listened with interest and sparked a lively discussion. At the end of the congress elections were held, Prof. O. Skugarevsky (Minsk) was re-elected as the new president of the Society of Psychiatrists and Narcologists of the Republic of Belarus.

Prof. P.Morozov addressing the Plenary Session


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Unknown member
Mar 07, 2020

Dear Prof. P.V.

pleased to see the old post. the subject was very interesting. we missed you in ANCIPS-2020. Hope to see you in Madrid and St. Peters burg soon.

With warm Regards,

Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav

President Indian Psychiatric Society ( 2019-20)

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