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The new "Addictive Disorders" learning resource is now live on WPA’s Education Portal

Addictive disorders are a significant contributor to the global burden of disease. Despite this, only a small proportion of people with addictive disorders receive appropriate, evidence- based care and management.

The WPA Addictive Disorders learning resource has been developed with an aim to strengthen the evidence-based management of addictive disorders.

Dr Balhara, Dr Sarkar and Dr Kathiresan make up the Faculty behind this comprehensive curriculum that covers 8 modules, a list of suggested readings and an opportunity for participants to assess their knowledge through a set of multiple choice questions. Below is an overview of the 8 modules with links to each:

Module 1 Introduction to Addictive Disorders

Module 2 Assessment and Diagnosis

Module 3 Pharmacological Management of AUD

Module 4 Pharmacological Management of OUD

Module 5 Pharmacological Management of NUD

Module 6 Pharmacological Management of BUD

Module 7 Pharmacological Interventions other substances and addictive behaviours

Module 8 Non-Pharmacological Interventions