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The new "Addictive Disorders" learning resource is now live on WPA’s Education Portal

Addictive disorders are a significant contributor to the global burden of disease. Despite this, only a small proportion of people with addictive disorders receive appropriate, evidence- based care and management.

The WPA Addictive Disorders learning resource has been developed with an aim to strengthen the evidence-based management of addictive disorders.

Dr Balhara, Dr Sarkar and Dr Kathiresan make up the Faculty behind this comprehensive curriculum that covers 8 modules, a list of suggested readings and an opportunity for participants to assess their knowledge through a set of multiple choice questions. Below is an overview of the 8 modules with links to each:

Module 1 Introduction to Addictive Disorders

Module 2 Assessment and Diagnosis

Module 3 Pharmacological Management of AUD

Module 4 Pharmacological Management of OUD

Module 5 Pharmacological Management of NUD

Module 6 Pharmacological Management of BUD

Module 7 Pharmacological Interventions other substances and addictive behaviours

Module 8 Non-Pharmacological Interventions

For the nominal fee of USD $15, it is also possible to purchase the WPA CPD Certificate and the associated CPD points for completing this series.

To access Partners in Care curriculum, please visit the Education Portal.

For any queries relating to these education modules or the WPA Education Portal in general, please contact

Author: WPA Education Coordinator

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