Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society Announces New Committee Members

WPA member, the Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society, has announced its new Executive and Ethics Committee members who assumed office on 11 January 2020.

Executive committee:

President: Assoc. Prof. Betül Yalçıner betul.yalciner@gmail.com

Vice-President: Prof. Peykan Gökalp gokalppeykan@gmail.com

Secretary General: Dr. Menekşe Sıla Yazar meneksesila@gmail.com

Treasurer: Dr. Sera Yiğiter Çetingök sera.cetingok@istanbul.edu.tr

Members: Prof. Neşe Tuncer nesetuncer@yahoo.com

Assoc. Prof. Özlem Devrim Balaban ozlemdevrimbalaban@gmail.com

Dr. Eren Yıldızhan erenyildizhan@hotmail.com

Ethics Committee:

Prof. Timuçin Oral

Prof. Alp Üçok

Prof. Hakan Gürvit

The society continues to host its annual meeting "Neuropsychiatry Days" as well as its Neuropsychiatric Case Discussions (4-6 times per year). In addition it publishes quarterly its Archives of Neuropsychiatry and biannually, its Bulletin of Neuropsychiatry.

Author: Dr. Menekşe Sıla Yazar, Secretary General, Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society

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