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WHO highlights urgent need to transform mental health and mental health care

New WHO Mental Health Report published on 17th June 2022 urges mental health decision makers and advocates to step up commitment and action to change attitudes, actions and approaches to mental health, its determinants and mental health care.

WPA EC and Council Members

Last Friday (17th June 2022), The World Health Organization (WHO) released its largest review of world mental health since the turn of the century. Titled "Transforming mental health for all", the report draws on evidence from countries across the globe. Its findings highlight the devastating effects the pandemic has had, with skyrocketing rates of depression and anxiety, conditions that even pre-pandemic were at epidemic levels. The world report aims to inspire and inform change. Here are some of the key points emphasised:

  • We need to intensify our collaborative effort to integrate mental health and primary health care.

  • Mental health is critically important for everyone, everywhere.

  • Mental health needs are high but responses are insufficient and inadequate.

  • A commitment to mental health is an investment towards a better life and future for everyone.

  • Building the foundation for well-functioning mental health systems and services is key to transforming mental health.

  • Transforming mental health means strengthening community-based care for all in need.

  • Individuals, communities, and governments must deepen their commitment to mental health and reshape our environments at home, school, workplace, and the wider community to better protect mental health and provide mental health care.

Prof. Afzal Javed, WPA President commented on the report "On behalf of the WPA, I welcome this timely report. Mental health is critically important to everyone, everywhere. Following the pandemic, mental health needs are high but responses fall way short everywhere. We need to work together to change our approach to mental health care and ."

This comprehensive report complies the latest evidence available, showcasing examples of good practice from around the world, and voicing people’s lived experience of mental health conditions. It highlights why and where change is most needed and how it can best be achieved. It calls on all stakeholders to work together to deepen the value and commitment given to mental health, reshape the environments that influence mental health and strengthen the systems that care for people’s mental health. To read the full World Mental Health Report, click here.

Author: WPA



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